About Us

Manifattura Fontana was born as a family business in 1932, and preserves the tradition of a textile manufacturing activity , continued in Valbrenta since 1704.

The attention to market needs, through the careful selection of raw materials, the adoption of up to date manufacturing systems, and the continuous research and development for new solutions and innovative products, make Manifattura Fontana a leading company in the geotextile market.

Manifattura Fontana enjoy a highly respected position in the national and international market and makes its best to deserve the trust of its customers.

Since 2016, Sioen Industries, a diversified Group with an extensive portfolio of textile products and activities has chosen Manifattura Fontana as the best strategic partner to enter the geotextile industry.

In manufacturing added-value geotextiles, Manifattura Fontana now combines its extensive experience and know-how, with the reliability of a consolidated multinational group.

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